We Know Who to Blame if Things Go Wrong (Sri Lanka Adventure Special Episode 1)

In Episode 1 of the Attempt Adventure Sri Lanka Special, Michael Desrosiers, his younger brother Kyle Desrosiers, and their mother Kim Desrosiers sign up for the Rickshaw Run, a wild auto rickshaw race across Sri Lanka. We know absolutely nothing about what we are getting ourselves into...

In this episode, we reach out to brothers Scott and Drew Gurian for some advice and encouragement.

Scott is the host of the Far From Home Podcast: Far From Home (farfromhomepodcast.org)

Scott was also a guest on this podcast where he talked about his and Drew's adventure driving from London to Mongolia: S2E7: Adventuring Far From the Tourist Trail with Scott Gurian from the Far From Home Podcast — Attempt Adventure Podcast

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You can follow our adventures in Sri Lanka on Team Mama's Boys (teammamasboys.com), and right here during Season 4 of the Attempt Adventure Podcast.