Getting our International Driving Permits: 19 December 2023

Fort Worth, Texas, USA
90 Days to Launch Day

One of the most important things we need before heading to Sri Lanka is an International Driving Permit. It's required for anyone who plans to drive in Sri Lanka, and without it, our adventure would be finished before we even began!

Yesterday, Kim and Michael drove to Fort Worth to apply for an IDP at AAA.

An IDP is an internationally recognized document that was standardized by the 1949 Geneva Convention to allow foreign travelers to rent a car and drive abroad with their home country's driver's license. It's essentially a certified translation of a domestic driver's license into several different languages and certified by each country's government or automobile association.

Now, at least the two of us will be able to drive! It's now up to Kyle to get his own permit, otherwise he'll just have to be the navigator for the entire run.

We also picked up the latest Lonely Planet guide to Sri Lanka at the bookstore, and Kim is feeling much more confident about the journey after reading through it.